About Minnesota Randonneurs

We are dedicated to promoting the development and enjoyment of randonneuring in the state of Minnesota. Randonneuring is long-distance unsupported endurance bicycling.

We have offered brevets since the early 1990s, based in Rochester, 90 minutes south of the Twin Cities. In 2008 we formalized a relationship with the Twin Cities Bicycling Club (TCBC) and began developing brevets and populaires in the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  This, along with other programs has grown our membership and routes exponentially over the years and we now offer events and permanent routes throughout the state of Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and Northern Iowa.

Minnesota Randonneurs events are run under the auspices of Randonneurs USA (RUSA).  In 2016 RUSA began offering event insurance to all randonneur groups in the US which changed our insurance relationship with TCBC.   The TCBC relationship is still strong and we post all of our events 200k or less on the official TCBC Ride Schedule under the Outreach ride category.  TCBC riders that participate in these events will be given TCBC mileage credit as well as credit towards RUSA awards and recognition.

Rob Welsh has been the Regional Brevet Administrator since 2009.

Minnesota Randonneurs typically offers 25-35 brevet and populaire events each year, from April to October. This includes two full Super Randonneur series plus a variety of shorter populaires and urban events as well as some gravel populaires. We also hold some special interest events such as our Fargo populaire that visits several movie locations from the iconic movie, our popular City Slickers 200k brevet that circles the Twin Cities Metroplex on city streets, paved trails and rural roads and a randonneur weekend in Black River Falls with multiple ride offerings on Saturday and Sunday.

In 2018 Minnesota Randonneurs is sponsoring, along with Driftless Randonneurs, the Coulee Challenge, the first 1200k Grande Randonnee event held in the Upper Midwest.

We support our riders in their efforts to grow their interest in randonneuring, in Minnesota, across the US or anywhere in the world that randonneuring takes place.

Minnesota Randonneurs is open to anyone interested in long distance bicycling.  There are currently no membership dues and all rides are free of charge.  Some longer rides do have fees to cover hotels, food, moving baggage and support.

Several years ago we helped to start the Falls Area Randonneurs (Sioux Falls, South Dakota), which became an independent RUSA group in 2016.