Zumbro Gravel Challenge 120k Populaire

September 23, 2017 @ 8:00 am
Foster Arend Park
E River Rd NE
Rochester, MN
Rob Welsh

DSC01990 DSC01996

Join us for a beautiful, challenging and memorable gravel ride through the hills, valleys and farm lands north and east of Rochester.  Our route starts in NE Rochester at Foster Arend Park passing through Plainview, Hammond, Zumbro Falls and Mazeppa.  The first few miles are a gentle warmup for the challenges that are coming.  Minnesota Randonneurs that have ridden some of our paved road brevets through this area will recognize some of the towns, but this ride is a very different experience!  Be ready to enjoy some absolutely beautiful roads along the Zumbro River, unique homes and valleys, rich farmland with crops well on the way to harvest and the quiet quality of gravel riding.  This is a fun gravel ride!

Wider tires are recommended (32mm or larger).  Roads are all Class B gravel, some areas have loose gravel and there are some good downhills that you will appreciate a wider tire on.

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