2017-18 Winter Update #1



Minnesota Randonneurs Winter Update #1

All of a sudden it’s a lot tougher to get the miles in these days here in Minnesota, but this is a great time to start planning for next year’s rando season.  There are a lot of very significant efforts going on behind the scenes right now that will be in place for next year.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s happening.

  1. 2018 Ride Schedule
  2. Strava club for Minnesota Randonneurs
  3. New Jersey design
  4. LLC and 501c3 organizational structures
  5. Memberships and dues for 2018
  6. Coulee Challenge 1200k update
  7. RUSA 20th Anniversary Celebration Ride

Here are the details.

  1. The 2018 Minnesota Randonneurs ride schedule is now available on the website, (MinnesotaRandonneurs.org). Check it over, get your plan together and sign up for the rides you want to do next year.

PBP: 2018 is a pre-PBP year so if you are thinking about a PBP ride in 2019 you will want to plan to get in a long brevet in 2018 to raise your priority level for wave selection at the 2019 PBP start.

Shorter rides: If you have more modest randonneur goals for next year, check out the increased number of shorter rides (100–200k) on the calendar, particularly during the summer months.  Also note that we are bringing back some of our past favorite rides (e.g. the Fargo movie populaire) and adding more urban/suburban routes that are easy to get to and fun to ride.

R-12/P-12: If you are a R-12 or P-12 aspirant, note that there are now scheduled ride options available from April – October

  1. Are you a Strava follower? We have created a Minnesota Randonneur club in Strava that you are welcome to join and invite yourself to the Strava version of our ride schedule.  If you aren’t a Strava user, but are intrigued, go to Strava.com and have a look around, especially at the Minnesota Randonneur club page.  Basic membership is free.  Note that you should still register on the Minnesota Randonneur site so we know you’re coming and can update you on any last minute ride changes.
  2. There is a new jersey design in the works, with a very sharp design that will be available in a variety of jersey and jacket styles for summer and winter (wool) wear.  See the logo/picture at the top of this blog for a look at what the new jersey design looks like.  More on this in January.
  3. Minnesota Randonneurs is now a LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) and is well on the way to becoming a 501c3 non-profit organization. These organizational structures have been discussed for several years.  What really made it clear that we needed a more formal organizational structure now are the responsibilities of the Coulee Challenge 1200k event next year.  With the level of coordination and planning the Coulee ride entails, not to mention the sizeable budget, it made sense to put the LLC and 501c3 structures in place.  We will publicize this in more detail once the paperwork is complete.
  4. Along with and to some degree because of the above organizational changes we will also be instituting a more formal membership structure next year. Part of this is to identify who our members are, to satisfy our new organizational structure requirements, but another part is to help us generate some money to carry on our good work.  Several years ago we conducted a very successful fund raiser that has enabled us to forego membership dues or ride fees.  These funds are running low so generating some income from membership dues and ride fees is needed.  Don’t be too concerned though, the dues and ride fees will be very reasonable.  More to come on this a little closer to next riding season.
  5. As most of you know, next year we are hosting our first 1200k grande randonnee, the Coulee Challenge next August. Planning for this has been going on for several years with the formal committee coming together over a year ago.   Our Coulee Challenge website went live on August 1.  We already have nearly 300 names on our Interested Rider List.  Formal registration opens on January 6th.   To learn more about this great event go to CouleeChallenge.com.  There’s still time to add your name to the Interested Rider List as a rider or a volunteer.
  6. In 2018 RUSA celebrates our 20th anniversary as the randonnuering governing organization for the US. To celebrate this occasion, any RUSA member that completes a scheduled brevet or populaire during the week of Aug 13-19 will be presented with a special medal.  Our event is a 100k populaire ride on August 18th.   Riders that complete the Coulee Challenge 1200k (Aug 13-16) will also qualify.