2018 Newsletter #1 – January

  1. 2018 Minnesota Randonneur Brevet/Populaire Schedule now available

The 2018 Minnesota Randonneurs ride schedule is now available on the website, (www.MinnesotaRandonneurs.org).  Check it over, get your plan together and register for the rides you want to do this year.

2 Super Randonneur series are being offered this year: to help get you ready for the Coulee ride, another 1200k or get in a long brevet to improve your seeding for PBP 2019 wave selection

Coulee Challenge 1200k: Our big event this year – be ready with your SR series and the special training rides planned in Nelson, WI and Richland Center, WI.

PBP: 2018 is a pre-PBP year so if you are thinking about a PBP ride in 2019 you will want to plan to get in a long brevet in 2018 to raise your priority level for wave selection at the 2019 PBP start.

Shorter rides: Check out the increased number of shorter rides (100–200k) on the calendar, particularly during the summer months. Also note that we are bringing back some of our past favorite rides (e.g. the Fargo movie populaire) and adding more urban/suburban routes that are easy to get to and fun to ride.

2.     Strava: Minnesota Randonneur Club

There are now 27 members in the Strava Minnesota Randonneur club. You are welcome to join and invite yourself to the Strava version of our ride schedule.  If you aren’t a Strava user, but are intrigued, go to www.Strava.com and have a look around, especially at the Minnesota Randonneur club page.  Basic membership is free.  Note that you should still register on the Minnesota Randonneur site so we know you’re coming and can update you on any last minute ride changes.  Thanks to Scott Gregory for loading the Strava schedule of Minnesota Randonneur events.

3.     Minnesota Randonneur New Jersey Design

The new Minnesota Randonneur jersey will be available for order a little later in January. Randonneurs will be able to access the Borah team store to order their style and size.  Delivery will be before the Trails to Trails season opener (and Jersey Day) ride on April 14th.  A big thanks to Phil Higley for the design and logistics work to make this happen.  Kudos also to Kit Oslin and Scott Gregory for moving the process along.

4.     Mn Rando Socks too!

We have scored a great price for some custom quality biking socks (in varying sizes and heights) with a Minnesota Randonneur logo on them. These will be available at brevets and populaires, priced at < $10.  Thanks again to Phil Higley and Kit Oslin for finding this opportunity.

5.     RUSA Jerseys

If you are looking for something from the mother ship, RUSA is now collecting a group order for some new, super nice, wool RUSA short sleeve jerseys direct from Spain. In a nutshell, we’re accepting orders via the RUSA Store to submit to Cima Coppi on Jan 14th for expected delivery around Feb 28th. By grouping the orders, we’re able to save about $35 per jersey. Order now on the RUSA Store (Under apparel, scroll down):  https://rusa.org/cgi-bin/store_GF.pl Two short sleeve jerseys are being offered: – Light Weight (“Ultralight”): This is a 97% merino wool jersey cut like a synthetic — full zip front, three pockets on the back, elastic waistband, snug fit. – Mid Weight: A more traditional 100% merino wool jersey with 1/4 zip front and three pockets back but not heavy and thick like some “classic” jerseys. Both are available in Women’s and Men’s cut in a variety of sizes. Pay close attention to the sizing chart — They run snug so consider going a size up if you prefer a looser jersey.   Fine Print: – RUSA needs to collect at least 25 orders per size or the order will be canceled and riders refunded in full.   – After the cut-off date of Jan 14th you can still order direct from Cima Coppi (http://global.cimacoppi.cc/rando-usa/) but you’ll need to pay the retail price of approx. $175 / $150 with shipping and use a credit card that handles Euro payments.

– Postage directly from Spain is included in the RUSA store price.

– RUSA is using its store to simplify collecting the orders and payment in US Dollars. Otherwise the order is being handled directly by Cima Coppi. RUSA won’t be able to offer exchanges, refunds, etc.

There are no plans to organize another group purchase. If you want to order with a big discount, now’s the time.

6.     Open Start and Electronic Proof of Passage for Permanents

RUSA is making it easier to ride and get credit for Permanent rides with two new options for 2018:

  1. Open start permanents allow the rider to start a permanent ride at any control and ride the route in either direction from there.
  2. Use your GPS to track your route and submit this as a proof of passage instead of having to get receipts at each control or note the details of an Information Control.

Utilizing these options needs to be agreed to by the permanent owner. I’m open to either of these for the permanents I own.  Let me know when you sign up if you want to take advantage of these and we’ll work out the details.  If you are the owner of a permanent, check out the RUSA site or send me an email (or call) for more details.

Permanents can always be ridden using the existing receipt format and beginning at the original start location.

7.     Organizational updates LLC & 501c3

Minnesota Randonneurs is registered as an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) and the paperwork have been submitted to qualify us as a non-profit organization (501c3). This will provide a stronger organizational structure and a better platform to manage the club.  This took a lot of work, thank you Tom Ehlman, for pulling the paperwork and research together to make this happen.

8.     Membership/Ride fee structure

Partially due to the formation of the LLC/501c3 and also the need to generate some income to cover our basic costs (web site, brevet support, special events, marketing) we will be implementing a membership program and ride fee structure starting in 2018. We’ll have more details well before the start of the season in April, but the fees will be very reasonable.

9.     Coulee Challenge 1200k Update

Starting on August 13th we are hosting our first 1200k Grande Randonnee, the Coulee Challenge. Registration opens on Saturday January 6th.  There are currently over 300 names on the Interested Rider List.  To learn more about this great event go to www.CouleeChallenge.com.  There is still time to add your name to the Interested Rider List as a rider or a volunteer.

10. Blue Ridge to Bay 1200k – May 31-June 3rd 2018, Leesburg, VA

If you are thinking about an early season reason to be on the East Coast, here’s a really nice 1200k if you like American history. Nick Bull, the RBA for the DC Randonneur group, sent this on. See the link for more details and to get on their Interested Riders list. Registration opens sometime early in 2018.

The Blue Ridge to Bay (BRB) 1200km (http://www.dcrand.org/dcr/1200km-main.php) visits many of the greatest spots in a region of beautiful scenery, monuments, and historical sites. People come from all over the country and world to see these sights.  BRB takes you to the Appalachian Mountains, Shenandoah Valley, and the Chesapeake Bay.  As currently-planned, we visit the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial with hardly any traffic, using well-established bike routes. Later, you’ll ride through the Gettysburg Battlefield and the Antietam Battlefield, two of the most renowned battlefields in American history.  The route passes through Annapolis, home of the oldest operating state house in the country, and the Naval Academy; as well as many other charming and historic towns like Leesburg, Gettysburg, and Shepherdstown.  The route enters four states, and the District of Columbia–scoring five “states” for the American Explorer award. The route is memorable for the great spots that it visits, not for being a sufferfest.  But many of our great spots are in the scenic mountains, so we’ve ended up with about 38,000 feet of climbing–about the same as PBP or BMB.