Fargo Movie Locations 150k Populaire

A dozen randonneurs and friends toured several Fargo movie filming locations on a cloudy, grim sort of day, similar to the movie, except for the snow and ice.  This ride concept was Doug Carlson’s idea and it worked out really well.

Here’s some of the classic scenes:

The Woodchipper – this gruesome scene is the one everyone remembers.  Here’s the original movie shot and our visit.  Since the movie was shot, the small cabin by the lake has been replaced by a beautiful modern mansion.  Doug was able to acquire a small woodchipper and mannequin leg to re-set the scene for us.

Woodchipper scene - movie

Woodchipper scene – movie

Woodchipper group shot

Woodchipper group shot

When Marge starts to investigate the case one of the first interviews she does is with two hookers at the Lakeside Café.  The hooker’s description of the suspects ‘they were kinda funny looking’ is classic. The Lakeside Café is still there, but up for sale.

Lakeside Café - movie

Lakeside Café – movie

Lakeside Café Group Shot

Lakeside Café Group Shot

The parking lot murder scene was another memorable part of the movie.  Curt takes over, shutting Jerry out of the ransom exchange meeting.  When he meets Carl, the ‘brains’ of the outfit, things degenerate quickly. Curt shoots Carl in the face, Carl empties his gun into Curt, takes the money and flees.


Parking lot scene – movie


Ignoring the murder site

Parking lot murder scene

Parking lot murder scene


Rob and Doug reenact the parking ramp murder scene

Here’s a collage of the rest of the ride along with some scenes from the movie

Stockmen's Cafe - South St. Paul

Stockmen’s Cafe – South St. Paul


Stockmen’s Truck Stop – remade into the Blue Ox Motel for the movie


Scott Gregory


Michael reenacting the murder scene at the parking ramp

michael-at-woodchipper michael-at-finish luke-fixing-flat luke-at-finish katie-at-kodiak-coffee jim-ready-to-go-at-kodiak-coffee fixing-flat-group carl-keith-at-coffee-shop carl-at-woodchipper andy-zen-mode-at-kodiak-coffee